Monday, December 1, 2008

Things that PISS me off!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, you have a few days to yourself (sortof) to contemplate the state of the world. OK, maybe you use your time wisely, like, by cleaning or something trivial like that! Well, let me tell you that I hope those idiots in NY got the bargains they wanted after trampling a security guard to death rushing in Wal-Marts door at 5 am. DUMDASSES, no, not dumbasses. SELFISH, IGNORANT, morons!!!!!!! Was it worth a strangers life? Great Barbie, what did it cost? Someones life? OH! Don't get me started (too late).

Another frustration. I even took this one to the local papers Letter to the Editor section a month ago. My gorgeous 5 year, innocent, daughter came home from kindergarten one day and said that one of her classmates had told her that "Obama was going to kill all of the babies." WHAT? What ignoramus, backwoods, redneck, republican said that garbage?? Ah, a second grader, huh? His father is a cop? Even better. PEOPLE, little ones are only little once. Lets not teach them such stupid points of view just yet, please. And my letter to the editor sparked a huge online debate in the blogs about abortion.

First off, why are you debating abortion at all much less online? My letter was not pro-Obama (which I am) nor was it for abortion. I digress here for a sec...I used the phrase "for abortion" rather than pro-abortion for a good reason. "Pro-abortion" is a non-word created by the Religious Right (which is neither...think about it.....). NO ONE is PRO-abortion. I am very pro-choice. Anyone with a logical and educated head on their shoulders will tell you that this simply means, "I will not tell you what to do with your body. PERIOD." It says nothing more, nothing less. OK, un-digressing... Just reading the blogs pissed me off. The self-righteousness and condescension were rampant. Again, uh, DON'T get me started (too late.)

And why must we celebrate Christmas for a month and a half? My neighbors had their "ready made" tree up two weeks ago. Radio stations play nothing but holiday music 24-7 for a whole month. By the time Christmas gets here, I'M SICK OF IT! How can we as parents teach our children the importance of the holiday season and the true meaning behind it if we are sick of it and all we do is run around and buy crap? Come on, when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all on the same shelves together at the local Wal-Mart, we have a commerce prob, people. The worst part about it is, has anyone ever heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Well, of course you have. But do you know which are the actual 12 days they sing of? Well, I will enlighten you. They are from Dec 25 til Jan 6. January 6 is known as the Epiphany. This is the day when the 3 Wisemen finally arrived to see Baby Jesus. The same people who put up their crap by Thanksgiving and swear they are the ultimate in religious, are the same people who take said crap down the day after Christmas! Hey, what about the 3 Wisemen? Again, too late, I'm started.

Shuuu, that feels better. Ranting rocks! Hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I'm equal oppurtunity, why only drive the Christians nuts? Happy Hannakuh and Merry Kwanza too!

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Kirsten said...

I feel you on the whold Christmas thing. It's only Dec. 2nd and I'm already sick of it!