Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting old SUCKS!

Alright, so that title wasn't exactly Earth shattering but that is my mood today. I am too young for my body to be acting up like this. Next week I will have surgery to repair the bladder and control thereof my children destroyed and last week, my back decided to be stupid. It could either be the scoliosis, arthritis or pinched sciatic nerve, pick one! But right now, I am walking like I am 11 months pregnant and am in terrible pain (thank you naprosen, waiting....).

I am 38 for crying out loud.

Although, I should be happy for the health I do have. Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend of my husband committed suicide, and the ubersweet secretary at my kids' school died suddenly over the weekend. So, I suppose I am just fine relatively speaking.

So, going into the holiday season (I said GOING INTO, not we are there right now..see previous rant), as we head INTO the holiday season, we should be thankful for what health we do have-it can always be worse, and for our beloved children and maintaining their innocence (again, see previous rant).
Go forth, live to the fullest, hold no resentments, and ignore the ugly side of age b/c look at the alternative!!


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Kirsten said...

You're right!
I can't believe all of that happened recently! I guess I should stop complaining about going to physical therapy to fix my knee!