Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Worlds Greatest Detective

Have you ever wanted to be a detective, or simply play one on TV? Having a troubled marriage will turn you into one. Anyone else out there? Don't leave me hangin folks! Bueller?

Every few months or so, I would "discover" one of my husbands new habits, or new whatever it was he wasn't supposed to be doing. That feeling of discovery changes over time. The first time, you are ready to kill. You scream, you call him in the middle of the work day and lay him out. With every subsequent discovery, your shock is less and it goes right to hurt and disappointment. Knowing I am ready for my exit stage left soon, I don't get upset about too much, I just bide my time. However, I had that discovery feeling again. IT SUCKS!!! I shouldn't care knowing I am almost free but I do care and it does still hurt.

And having such a trust less relationship, it could be totally nothing, but I know better from experience. They say you can learn to trust again, I really don't see how though. After years of lies and hiding things, can you ever look at that person again and have faith or even hope? Whoa, getting deep in here.

If you are having marital problems (the following message is brought to you by my serious side), go see the movie, "Fire Proof." Yes, it does get preachy and religious on ya a bit but the ultimate story line and message hit SOOOOO close to home in my marriage it wasn't even funny. Not funny at all. In fact I cried after watching it, THAT was my marriage, line by line. Just how far apart can a couple get and still be able to come back together again? For me, I think my rubber band broke LONG ago.

Sorry for the seriousness, I'll be funnier next time!


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Kirsten said...

I've never seen that movie. Who's in it?
I'm sorry things are so tough for you right now! I wish I could help! You are at least in my thoughts. :)
I'm giving you some comment love.