Monday, December 15, 2008

Gettin some luv

Well, since my cuz, momjeansblogger, sent me some luv in her morning post today, I feel compelled to update the world. I was out last week having my bladder fixed. Fun, huh? Seems the children did the Irish gig on it on their way out the door!

So, I find myself back at work and HATEN it. I had a week off, laying in bed, watching crap on TV, PJs all day long. Who wants to get back in the real world? Whats worse, I only jump back in for one week then I am officially off work until Jan 5, 2009! OK, back on the blog-train.

Todays topic, "IDIOTS"

I am sure we can all relate. We all have idiots in our lives. Differing levels of idiots too. Well, I live and work in a college town. What are college students known for? Partying? Studying? Lots of money? Huh? Money? Last time I checked, students lived off Ramon noodles and kool-aid. With the declining economic status this country is facing, more and more wannabe criminals have come out of the woodwork. In my town, they have made a bee-line to our campus. Why are you robbing people with less money than you? All you get is a cell phone. Have fun with that. I kid you not. This country has gone wonky. Idiot wannabe gangsters in a small college town robbing students with fake guns.

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Kirsten said...

Hope you're feeling better!! Welcome back!