Thursday, December 18, 2008


If you know me, then you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Grinch. Growing up he was my uberfav. If there is anything I love more than the Grinch it is his pseudo-reindeer/doggie, Max. My first dog was a mutt, Cindy, and she looked just like Max, stubby tail and all. Every year I force my family to watch the cartoon and sit in a living room jammed full of Grinchmabelia.

I have lots! My favorites, and the things my children are forbidden to touch, are my Lenox Grinch ornaments. Thank you eBay! I know my kids think I am off my rocker when I sing the Grinch song and make them like the same part of the movie I do. My daughter is a mini-me so she is easy to convince that she likes that part to. Its when the Grinch ties Max to the sled and they head downhill. Max gets overrun by the sled and he sits on the back of it and waves to the Grinch. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Nothing turns me into a 5 year old like that scene.
I hope this little image puts a smile on your face and grows your heart three times today!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lets be Inspired!

Taking a cue from my Oh-So Funny cuz, momjeansblogger, I got these in an email this morning. Lets view and discuss:

This seems to go along with my theme nicely. Notice how it is HER dejected and drinking. Interesting...

And this one goes with my last post regarding idiots. WTF? I can't even come up with anything funny as to why he would dress like this to conduct this specific activity. Scratching my head...

And finally:

PEOPLE, I know we all feel like doing this but lets find the filter can we? What do you think the guy in front of the sign is saying to himself?


Monday, December 15, 2008

Gettin some luv

Well, since my cuz, momjeansblogger, sent me some luv in her morning post today, I feel compelled to update the world. I was out last week having my bladder fixed. Fun, huh? Seems the children did the Irish gig on it on their way out the door!

So, I find myself back at work and HATEN it. I had a week off, laying in bed, watching crap on TV, PJs all day long. Who wants to get back in the real world? Whats worse, I only jump back in for one week then I am officially off work until Jan 5, 2009! OK, back on the blog-train.

Todays topic, "IDIOTS"

I am sure we can all relate. We all have idiots in our lives. Differing levels of idiots too. Well, I live and work in a college town. What are college students known for? Partying? Studying? Lots of money? Huh? Money? Last time I checked, students lived off Ramon noodles and kool-aid. With the declining economic status this country is facing, more and more wannabe criminals have come out of the woodwork. In my town, they have made a bee-line to our campus. Why are you robbing people with less money than you? All you get is a cell phone. Have fun with that. I kid you not. This country has gone wonky. Idiot wannabe gangsters in a small college town robbing students with fake guns.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Worlds Greatest Detective

Have you ever wanted to be a detective, or simply play one on TV? Having a troubled marriage will turn you into one. Anyone else out there? Don't leave me hangin folks! Bueller?

Every few months or so, I would "discover" one of my husbands new habits, or new whatever it was he wasn't supposed to be doing. That feeling of discovery changes over time. The first time, you are ready to kill. You scream, you call him in the middle of the work day and lay him out. With every subsequent discovery, your shock is less and it goes right to hurt and disappointment. Knowing I am ready for my exit stage left soon, I don't get upset about too much, I just bide my time. However, I had that discovery feeling again. IT SUCKS!!! I shouldn't care knowing I am almost free but I do care and it does still hurt.

And having such a trust less relationship, it could be totally nothing, but I know better from experience. They say you can learn to trust again, I really don't see how though. After years of lies and hiding things, can you ever look at that person again and have faith or even hope? Whoa, getting deep in here.

If you are having marital problems (the following message is brought to you by my serious side), go see the movie, "Fire Proof." Yes, it does get preachy and religious on ya a bit but the ultimate story line and message hit SOOOOO close to home in my marriage it wasn't even funny. Not funny at all. In fact I cried after watching it, THAT was my marriage, line by line. Just how far apart can a couple get and still be able to come back together again? For me, I think my rubber band broke LONG ago.

Sorry for the seriousness, I'll be funnier next time!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting old SUCKS!

Alright, so that title wasn't exactly Earth shattering but that is my mood today. I am too young for my body to be acting up like this. Next week I will have surgery to repair the bladder and control thereof my children destroyed and last week, my back decided to be stupid. It could either be the scoliosis, arthritis or pinched sciatic nerve, pick one! But right now, I am walking like I am 11 months pregnant and am in terrible pain (thank you naprosen, waiting....).

I am 38 for crying out loud.

Although, I should be happy for the health I do have. Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend of my husband committed suicide, and the ubersweet secretary at my kids' school died suddenly over the weekend. So, I suppose I am just fine relatively speaking.

So, going into the holiday season (I said GOING INTO, not we are there right now..see previous rant), as we head INTO the holiday season, we should be thankful for what health we do have-it can always be worse, and for our beloved children and maintaining their innocence (again, see previous rant).
Go forth, live to the fullest, hold no resentments, and ignore the ugly side of age b/c look at the alternative!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Things that PISS me off!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, you have a few days to yourself (sortof) to contemplate the state of the world. OK, maybe you use your time wisely, like, by cleaning or something trivial like that! Well, let me tell you that I hope those idiots in NY got the bargains they wanted after trampling a security guard to death rushing in Wal-Marts door at 5 am. DUMDASSES, no, not dumbasses. SELFISH, IGNORANT, morons!!!!!!! Was it worth a strangers life? Great Barbie, what did it cost? Someones life? OH! Don't get me started (too late).

Another frustration. I even took this one to the local papers Letter to the Editor section a month ago. My gorgeous 5 year, innocent, daughter came home from kindergarten one day and said that one of her classmates had told her that "Obama was going to kill all of the babies." WHAT? What ignoramus, backwoods, redneck, republican said that garbage?? Ah, a second grader, huh? His father is a cop? Even better. PEOPLE, little ones are only little once. Lets not teach them such stupid points of view just yet, please. And my letter to the editor sparked a huge online debate in the blogs about abortion.

First off, why are you debating abortion at all much less online? My letter was not pro-Obama (which I am) nor was it for abortion. I digress here for a sec...I used the phrase "for abortion" rather than pro-abortion for a good reason. "Pro-abortion" is a non-word created by the Religious Right (which is neither...think about it.....). NO ONE is PRO-abortion. I am very pro-choice. Anyone with a logical and educated head on their shoulders will tell you that this simply means, "I will not tell you what to do with your body. PERIOD." It says nothing more, nothing less. OK, un-digressing... Just reading the blogs pissed me off. The self-righteousness and condescension were rampant. Again, uh, DON'T get me started (too late.)

And why must we celebrate Christmas for a month and a half? My neighbors had their "ready made" tree up two weeks ago. Radio stations play nothing but holiday music 24-7 for a whole month. By the time Christmas gets here, I'M SICK OF IT! How can we as parents teach our children the importance of the holiday season and the true meaning behind it if we are sick of it and all we do is run around and buy crap? Come on, when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all on the same shelves together at the local Wal-Mart, we have a commerce prob, people. The worst part about it is, has anyone ever heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Well, of course you have. But do you know which are the actual 12 days they sing of? Well, I will enlighten you. They are from Dec 25 til Jan 6. January 6 is known as the Epiphany. This is the day when the 3 Wisemen finally arrived to see Baby Jesus. The same people who put up their crap by Thanksgiving and swear they are the ultimate in religious, are the same people who take said crap down the day after Christmas! Hey, what about the 3 Wisemen? Again, too late, I'm started.

Shuuu, that feels better. Ranting rocks! Hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I'm equal oppurtunity, why only drive the Christians nuts? Happy Hannakuh and Merry Kwanza too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First Rant: How did I end up like this?

Hello, World. This is my first blog, so bear with me. After many years of a very unhappy marriage, I guess I am done, hence the "stick a fork in me." Allow me to rant about said marriage and impending ending thereof, here. I accept all advice, suggestions, fellow ranters and remedies.

It started out perfect, doesn't it always? Who gets married thinking they'll ever get divorced? I was the kind who never had boyfriends. I am very independent and strong. Being tall never helped the situation, I am rather imposing inside and out I suppose. So, when I met him, I knew within a few weeks, "he was the one." We started into children quickly as I wasn't getting any younger and we both dearly wanted them. In my child rearing bliss, I neglected to see the ever growing drug abuse. Being naive and preoccupied with the kids, it only got worse. After three arrests, he was stopped in his tracks and put in rehab. He narrowly escaped one year in jail but headed into three years of probation.

The years to follow, I was there. After my initial shock and resentment, I proceeded into the "Great Reinvention" of myself. From a co-dependent, enabling, nurturing wife/care taker to the "stick a fork in me" gal you read here. A long journey I had to take and am happier for it. Now, what to do with the husband who refuses to "get it?" I have changed, you are dragging me down, can we be done here?

I have been emotionally divorced for almost 3 years now, even tossed him out for a year, only to take him back after he was almost killed in a car accident (not his fault and he was clean/sober.) But this short reconciliation has shown me that I need more, I can have more, I DESERVE more. I think (no, I know) that as wives and mothers, we are so busy taking care of other people, organizing, cleaning, working, taxi-ing, that we forget about ourselves. Not just the physical or career, but our inner selves. After 2 years of therapy and several "better living through chemistry" helpers, I know a few things about myself, and others for that matter. Time is too short to be unhappy or filled with resentment. I would describe it to my therapist as a bucket I carried around constantly. Every time he would disappoint me, I would throw another rock in the bucket. So many rocks piled up that it was almost impossible to go any further with it. But the stupid thing is, is that at any time, I COULD HAVE PUT THE DAMN THING DOWN!!! We never think of doing that, do we? Just put it down and walk away from it.

So, that is what I have done over the past few years of self exploration. I put down my bucket and have refused to pick it up again. Think about your lives. Do you have a bucket? Is it filling up? Dump it, girlfriends. It's not worth it.

OK, so there was my first rant. May need daily catharsis, so check back often. Let me hear from you too! Thanks for listening.